Tuesday, June 5, 2012

TEPCO Residential Rate Increase Likely to Be Pushed Back

According to reports in the Nikkei, the TEPCO rate increase for its regulated customers (small users -- mostly residential) is not likely to be approved in time for implementation on July 1.

The rate increase would need to be approved and announced by June 20 to meet a July 1 date, and that is not going to happen.  The panel reviewing the rate increase is still debating to what extent the ratepayers should bear the burden of TEPCO's costs in containing and paying compensation relating to the Fukushima crisis.  The panel is not likely to reach a conclusion before late June, at the earliest.

Separately, the Yomiuri notes that TEPCO's submission to METI for the panel showed that while regulated consumers comprise 38% of its electricity demand (the other 62% goes to large users), 91% of profit comes from the regulated customers, and 9% from large users.

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